The Awesome Music Project Canada explores the HEALING power of music

All proceeds from The Awesome Music Project Campaign will go to music and mental health research initiatives.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield

Our campaign begins with the release of The Awesome Music Project: Songs of Hope and Happiness, available in bookstores and online October 10, World Mental Health Day.  


Music can evoke HOPE and happiness. It can also provide solace in difficult times.

Renowned astronaut Chris Hadfield turned to music for comfort through the loss of a close friend. Grammy-award winner Sarah McLachlan used it to escape the torment of high-school bullies. The healing power of music is at the heart of this collection of intimate stories from diverse individuals that make up the mosaic of Canada -- from teachers to cab drivers to bestselling authors and global pop stars.

Our initial ground-breaking collaboration is with The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Canada's largest mental health and addiction teaching hospital and one of the world's leading research centres. Find Out More

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By Age 40, 50% of the population will have experienced a mental Illness.

AMP is dedicated to funding neurological research through music therapy.

The Awesome Music Project Canada: Songs of Hope and Happiness brings you behind-the-scenes glimpses into the musical lives of a diverse array of Canadians. Olympic skier Jennifer Heil reveals the soundtrack that brought her the Gold medal in Torino; singer-songwriter Michael Bublé celebrates the way music cemented his bond with his grandfather; and mental-health advocate Eric Windeler shares the poignant song that helped him through the devastating loss of his son to suicide.

These and other inspiring tales fill this beautifully illustrated tribute to the songs, musicians and composers that comfort us, move us, and lift our spirits. Rounding out The Awesome Music Project Canada are descriptions of the neurological research confirming the ways in which music is good for us. It improves our mental, emotional and physical health, wards off loneliness and depression, and even delays dementia. To put it simply: music makes us feel good.

Music allowed me to move through the pain and move forward.
— Chantal Kreviasuk